Alcohol Trivia Games

All our printable Alcohol Trivia games offer a tipsy challenge to what's left of your brain!

Drinking Trivia Games

Our fun booze-related games will keep you guessing -- and sipping!

Whether you're hosting a picnic, a dinner party, or just a marathon session of movies or TV, whenever alcohol is involved, you can introduce our fun games as a great supplement to the evening's entertainment.

We like to think outside of the (wine) box here at Python, and you'll never see games quite like these on offer anywhere else! Full answer pages are always included with the games.

Printable Placemats Beers of the World Game

This is a really special addition to our lineup. Not only does this game have beer fans match a country flag to the world beer from that place, but it also looks amazing on the table, so you can dress your picnic bench or BBQ table with these great printable placemats.

Wine Trivia

Designed to resemble a high-class restaurant menu, this well-rounded and oaky wine facts game will have you sipping, slurping and rolling answers around!

Champagne Trivia

A fizzy, high-pressure quiz game about the world's classiest booze! Pop this Champagne facts game out whenever the party mood takes you. Suitable for birthdays, Christmas, New Year's Eve and other special occasions, too.

Cocktail Trivia

From James Bond to US Presidents, we have great cocktail facts about mixed hard liquor.

Beer Multiple Choice Trivia

This beautiful-looking beer quiz game is a great way to test "beer geeks" and casual beer fans, who always think they know best. We'll soon find out!

Food and Alcohol Trivia Pack

Get all our alcohol and food trivia games in one great bundle. There are over 20 games, including party games for kids, as well as all our food trivia, and all the games on this page. A real bargain, you can keep the games forever and reuse them whenever you like!

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