Baby Shower Games For Men

Our Baby Shower Games For Men will not require anybody to sniff a diaper! These co-ed games include Baby Shower mad libs, trivia, word and party games.

Cute and Funny Printable Baby Shower Games

If you are expecting some men at your Baby Shower, then allow Python Printable Games to present some co-ed Baby Shower games for you!

Guys can feel REALLY out of place at a Baby Shower. The traditional games are no fun for men, who have no desire to bare their feelings, get up close and personal with diapers (yet!), or share touching memories of the Mom-to-be.

They'd rather be drinking beer, eating burgers, or talking about sport. So your games for men should reflect this. Don't leave them out of your plans.

Our Shower Games For Men (and Co-Ed Baby Shower Games)

Our special selection of Baby Shower Games for Men highlights the games that are co-ed, so you can buy these with confidence: anybody will feel happy playing the games, and no diaper sniffing is required!

Anybody would have a laugh playing Ninja Love Quiz, which is a funny quiz about, er, what LEADS to babies (love and romance mainly!), with a twist of Ninja; so don't worry, guys, it's not all hearts and flowers...

Our Hall of Shame Celebrity Trivia focuses on the moments most celebs would rather forget: fights, drug busts, moments of public nakedness, and the outbursts and rants that we love them so much for.

And if even these games are a little too girly for the guys at your co-ed baby shower, then we have included a three-pack of NFL Football Games. These are pure sports trivia and puzzles, with no hint of baby blue or pink. You can find more at our Super Bowl party games page, if you think you'll need them.

Best Value: Baby Shower Games Pack

Have a fantastic Baby Shower with our great pack of Baby Shower party games. Just $19.95 buys you all our games in one convenient, instantly downloadable 'bundle'.

Get each game for pennies on the Dollar, and make your entertainment budget go further! It includes all the baby shower games for men, as well as the regular titles.

Get your pack today!

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