Oscar Trivia Games

Great Oscar trivia games to print and play. This year's Academy Awards ceremony is on Sunday, February 24th.

Looking for something to make the Awards night even more entertaining? Simply download, print and play these hilarious, challenging and beautiful Oscar party games. Just try not to cry if you win!

Best Oscar Party Games

Our Oscar party games are second to none for quality and fun factor.

If you love watching the Academy Awards, but are looking for a fun new way to brighten up the party this year, then you're in EXACTLY the right place! Python Printable Games has a unique range of 20 great Oscar party games, each one play-tested for excellent entertainment, and designed to look great, too.

Here's some highlights from our Oscar party collection:

Predict the Oscars Game
Every year, we scramble to get this game ready. As soon as the Academy announces its nominations, we get to work. The latest edition can be found here. Simply place an X by the movie you believe will be the Oscar award winners. At the end of the evening, tally up the scores. Most correct predictions wins; give a prize, and make the winning player give an acceptance speech!

Meet Your Match
If your crowd loves to act, or just enjoys making fun of somebody who is a long way from bothering the Academy with their acting skills, then you'll love this couples acting game. Pair up and take three cards; one female identity, one male identity, and a scenario. Now act out the scenario as the famous 'couple'. Laughs are guaranteed!

Lord of the Rings Trivia
If you eagerly awaited all three of these epic fantasy movies, then this game will really appeal to you. We made it a double-length game, with 30 questions about the movies and books. Tolkien fans will win this!

Hall of Shame Celebrity Trivia
This hilarious game deals with the INfamous moments of the world's VIPs. We dish the dirt on the drug busts, DUIs, fights with reporters, shoplifters and other not-so-happy moments on famous resumes. Fun for every celeb watcher!

Oscar Winner Trivia Games
We have games dedicated to the big movies that made history. Our Oscar trivia games include Best Actor Oscar winners, Best Actress Oscar winners, Best Director Oscar winners, and an Oscar Winners Trivia double pack that's twice the fun!

Oscar Party Games Pack

And the Award for Best Value Goes to...
Looking for something to liven up your Oscar night celebrations? Want your friends and family to have a memorable night, something to make the evening stand out?

Look no further! Buying our Oscar Party Games pack is super value.

If you buy the pack of 20, you get each game for less than a dollar. You can't say fairer than that!

All 20 games for just $19.95. Try not to cry as you accept this amazing deal!

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