Printable Pirate Party Games

These hilarious and lovely printable Pirate party games will get your Pirate party rocking! We've got Pirate games suitable for kids, teens and adults.

Printable Pirate Games For Kids, Teens and Adults

Ahoy there matey! If you're looking for Pirate party games, then these printable Pirate games will be perfect! We've taken care of all the hard work. Just download, print and play these fun Pirate party activities.

Our range includes Pirate games for kids, teens AND adults, so there's something for everybody at your pirate party. Each single game displays the age it's suitable for, so you'll know exactly what you're getting.

Every game has been lavishly illustrated: the games look so good, your guests will want to take them home with them!

Pirate Games For Kids

Our games for kids include Pin The Parrot on the Pirate, which is the Pirate version of the kids' birthday party classic, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We've supplied eight lovely parrots, one jolly Pirate, and four ways to use this game: single size or double size; and full color for immediate use, or monochrome to double as a kids' pirate crafts activity.

Our pack of Pirate games also includes a free Pirate Party poster and placement for kids.

Pirate Nature Treasure Hunt: get your young mates running around the backyard looking for natural treasure: grass, sticks, leaves and more. Once they complete the fun clue hunt game, then you can give them their "loot" bags! The clues are in verse, and include anagram hints, in case any children have a hard time.

Pirate Games For Teens

Hosting a Pirate party where there are teens? It can be a whale of a time! Our Facebook Pirate Words Game is great for teens or adults who can't get enough of the world's biggest social network. Match the pirate jargon to the Facebook functions. It sounds weird, but it's a lot of fun, and it will hold down the mutiny for a while!

Pirate Printable Mad Libs: Everybody loves word substitution games. This printable mad libs game is just as much fun for adults as it is for teens. Fill in the blanks, and then take turns reading your silly version of the Pirate story we provide. Laughs are guaranteed!

Bad Pirate Jokes Game: match the silly Pirate one-liners with their punchlines. It's as easy as games get, and while none of the jokes will be laugh-out-loud funny, they'll all raise a groan or three! These are jokes that should stay in Davey Jones' Locker...

Pirate Games For Adults

We're adding more Pirate games all the time, and the parents are not left out of the fun.

Looking for laughs at an adult Pirate birthday party? Then check out the Pirate Newlywed Questions game. 20 hilarious questions to choose from, plus full instructions on how to host this classic gameshow format party game. The "audience" often enjoys this game as much, or more than, the competitors!

The following games also work for Adults: Pirate Jokes | Pirate Mad Libs

Beers of the World placemat trivia, Pirate Trivia, Tongue Twisters, Pirate paper dolls and many more Pirate party games to come!

Bargain Pack of Pirate Party Games

The best value for your entertainment dollar is our bundle of Pirate games. All of our titles for one irresistible price. You'll be keelhauled if you miss this deal!

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