Hilarious Printable Mad Libs Party Games

Our Printable mad libs games are superb fun and great value entertainment! They encourage creativity, laughter and shared happiness. Click any link or image to read more, and see a zoom close-up.

Mad Libs Galore!

Try our Cubicle Chaos adult Halloween game for an older crowd, or Teen Terrors for the 12-and-up party.

Even if you don't buy the Thanksgiving party games pack, you can still get a "slice" of our yummy Food Fight Thanksgiving printable mad libs game, themed to the biggest meal of the year!

We have plenty of Christmas mad lib games:

On Christmas Eve, why not play The Night Before Christmas Poem mad lib with your family? And for a more adult experience, our Funny Christmas Songs mad libs printable will delight and amuse your crowd.

Our Office Christmas Party mad libs game is hilarious! All our Christmas mad libs are part of our amazing 70-game Printable Christmas Games pack.

Our New Year's Eve mad libs game will get your new year off with a laugh. Included in our New Year's Eve party ideas pack.

If you're one of the bored Super Bowl 'widows' who hate the sport, but are always dragged to the party, then this Super Bowl Is Stupid mad libs game is ideal! See our other Super Bowl Sunday "recipes" for football-hating girls.

All the Super Bowl printables are included in our Super Bowl home party games pack.

If you "love" printable mad libs and want to play one at your Valentine's party, here's the solution! Valentine Message Love Libs. Part of our Valentine Party Games bargain pack.

Fun to be sure! For the Love of Leprechauns Mad Libs is cute and funny. Part of our St Patrick's Day Party Games collection.

There's no holiday like Mardi Gras! This mad libs printable for Mardi Gras is a fantastic game, and if you want to organize your entire party entertainment for under $20, don't miss the Mardi Gras Games pack.

ARRR! If you can't get enough of word substitution, then our Pirate Mad Libs game will be a following breeze in yer sails. Part of our Pirate Party Games collection.

Can you speak Moo-Luau? This hilarious Moo-Luau Mad Libs game is essential entertainment if you're organizing a Luau Party Games night.

If you're taking the little ones out the coutry for a picnic, then this picnic song mad libs for kids is perfect. Sing along as you finish up the treats.

Our B'Nai Mitzvah Mad Libs For Girls lets the girls get the laughs at the Bar Mitzvah. Part of our Bar Mitzvah party ideas collection.

Our Spooky Slumber Party Mad Libs is a great activity for sleepover parties. Part of our Slumber Party Games collection.

More great printable mad libs games coming soon. Sign up to our eZine to be kept informed.

More Printable Fun!

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