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Python's Printable Trivia Quizzes come in different formats. We have 'plain' trivia with no answers visible; multiple choice trivia with four options to choose from; and match trivia, where you match subjects to facts. Check out our Amazing Printable Trivia Games Packet -- 160 trivia quizzes for all seasons and occasions for just 22c per game!

NOTE: Answer sheets are supplied for all games.

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The printable trivia quizzes from Python Printable Games are a super way to inject some fun into your parties, family reunions, or holiday celebrations.

We take care to ensure that our printable trivia offers more than you'll find anywhere else. We include not only an answer sheet for each game, but extra little details that make reading the answers to the trivia questions as much fun as playing the game.

Here's an example from Stephen King Books and Movies Trivia:

Q: The 1986 movie Stand By Me was based on which Stephen King novella? Bonus point if you can name the anthology it was taken from!

A: The Body. The anthology was Different Seasons, which also contained Rita Hayworth: The Shawshank Redemption, which became a hit movie in 1994

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How You Get Your Trivia Questions Games

You choose which printable trivia games you want to receive, checkout and pay. First you get your Paypal receipt email. You will then receive and immediate second email with a link to a secure page where you can download all your games.

You are now free to keep these games forever. Print them out as many times as you like, reuse them year after year if you want.

Have any questions? Please read our printable games FAQs, or contact us.

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