Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

The best printable scavenger hunt list ideas, featuring many a scavenger hunt for kids and adults, and treasure hunt riddles themed to specific occasions and parties!

Treasure Hunt Riddles Games

Whether you're looking for a nature scavenger hunt for camping, or a treasure hunt for children to do with Dad on Father's Day, Python Printable Games has a game for you.

We go beyond the traditional treasure hunt riddles games and make our scavenger hunt games as good to look at as they are to play.

How the Scavenger Hunt List Games Work

We supply you with a printable themed game, suited for seasons, or theme parties. Each game includes at least six clues on cut-out cards.

Print a copy for each player and cut out the cards. Divide them into matching stacks (a stack of clue one, another of clue two, and so on). Hide the loot or treasure in a final location, and when you're ready to begin, give the first clue card to each player.

Most games are designed to be played by an age group. The clues are appropriate for that age group, but if the players get stuck, then you can give clues. Some games have anagrams as clues on each card, and you can show the anagram to the player to let them figure out the solution to the clue for themselves.

Don't stress about it: the idea is to have fun, so if a player needs extra help, then give it to them. The point is to explore, run about, and burn off some energy!

Give Us Ideas and We'll Make Them For You!

We're adding products to this page all the time. Don't see what you need?

Write to us with a suggestion and we'll put the best on our own "hunt" list!

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